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Automatic movement

Japanese 8215 movement visible on the back of the watch. Reliable and accurate, it boasts an energy reserve of more than 40 hours. Movement of the parts is ensured by 21 jewels.

The best stainless steel on the market (316L) and a sapphire glass that is impossible to scratch.


Resistance of 10 ATM and a depth of up to 100 metres.

Perfect size

Case diameter, 47 mm.
Case thickness, 12 mm.
Bracelet width, 23 mm.
Crown width, 8 mm.

Klassic Black Stainless Ebony

The models

Klassic Black Stainless Zebrawood

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Exclusive wood

Three choices of premium quality natural woods: ebony, black sandalwood and zebrawood. Each piece of wood is unique.

Protection guaranteed

5-year warranty on all watches.

Strong and genuine

We make no compromise between our desire to be classic and our need for adventure: the Klassic is powered by its automatic movement. It is sturdy and durable thanks to a combination of 316L stainless steel, natural wood, scratch-proof sapphire glass, and water resistance property of up to 100 metres.

Choose your favourite wood between black sandalwood, ebony or zebrano. Since each piece of wood we use is naturally distinct, all of our watches are unique.

Sophisticated and high quality

The Klassic is perfect for those moments when a touch of class is essential. The watch's automatic mechanism with its 21 jewels is of outstanding quality. This mechanism, visible through a glass on the back of the watch, is a reminder of the classic and prestigious watches that were created at the end of the 18th century.

An automatic movement (without batteries) is powered by the natural energy of your movements. This essential dynamic allows for a perfect balance between the raw and elegant character of the watch. There can't be one without the other.

About Konifer

Konifer was founded in 2013 by Quebec entrepreneur Max Clément with a view to offer the highest quality wooden watches on the market. His parents and grandparents also worked in this field and it is from this cultural heritage that he drew his passion for this living and authentic material. He now wishes to share this passion with a wider public by offering watches that he designs with unparalleled attention to detail.

Konifer is committed to forest conservation. That's why we plant a tree for every watch sold!

Klassic Stainless Black Sandalwood


What is the Klassic project?

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign held in 2016, a new and more ambitious project is being launched. Konifer is looking to launch its first collection of high-quality automatic watches, and make its way into the big league. The collection will be launched when the objective of $15,000 is reached. Support a Canadian company while helping the environment. A tree will be planted for each watch sold!

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Kickstarter launch


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What sets it apart


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Klassic Stainless Zebrawood

The Klassic Collection is our first stainless steel and wooden watch featuring an automatic movement.

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